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         Psychotherapy; Salisbury Area  

For Adults, Children, & Couples by Jakota Herring LCSW-C

About me

 My rating to date on is 100% 5 stars.


Jakota is a an exceptional therapist who actively engaged and encouraged me on my path to wellness. She is an expert in her field and showed true empathy and compassion during our sessions. She has a flexible schedule and reasonable rates. Highly recommended!

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Jason in Salisbury, MD – Sep 02, 2018

5 stars: "Jakota is an amazing counselor. When I met her, I was experiencing severe PTSD symptoms due to a traumatic past. Whatever she did worked and I am now doing much better (i.e. less intrusive thoughts and emotional reactions to trauma). Of course, I still have my struggles but I've been able to put the past in the past where it belongs. I recommend her because she listens and cares. She puts her clients first and allows us to guide the sessions. I've had several counselors but none as good as her. "

Salisbury, MD 12/21/17

5 stars: "She offers an exceptionally comfortable environment, and is overall a great person whose insights have aided me in dealing with my problems in healthy ways." Alexandria VA 10/22/17

5 stars: "Ms. Herring is an affable professional that creates a comfortable environment that fosters patience sharing and openness. She also listens and offers effective traditional and well researched non-traditional strategies to address patient problems. I have working with her for over a year and am confident that I will become the person I want to be with her help and support."

A in Salisbury, MD | Aug 21, 2016   

5 stars: "A very thoughtful and easy to talk to counselor. Uses materials and experience to help you manage ones self. Never opinionated." Alex Davis in Salisbury, MD | Dec 26, 2016

5 stars: I started to see Jakota during a very difficult time of my life, dealing with past trauma, relationship issues, etc. She is very patient, diligent and caring. She takes notes and remembers all my details. She is very flexible with scheduling and my unpredictable insurance company! As someone with a trauma background, I feel very safe around Jakota, her temperament is calm, calming, and affirming. Highly recommended ! -Lexi in Salisbury, MD | Jun 24, 2017

5 stars: I would highly recommend Jakota. She helped with my situation and I will continue to see her should I need her expertise again. -Tracy in Seaford, DE | Jun 27, 2017

5 stars: She was very helpful in getting me through a difficult time in my life. Very compassionate.

Jul 07, 2017

 I have been doing therapy with people of all life stages (except infants & very young toddlers) for 30 years.

I utilize any & all theories, techniques, and approaches, including my own original ideas, that show me results. This includes traditional psycho-dynamic, cognitive, trauma, exposure, Dialectical Behavioral, pet, art therapy, dream work, Therapy, coaching parents, and many more.

Why Me?

The blend I bring to therapy which I think makes my work special is my creative side, willingness & flexibility to think/act outside the box, patience, genuine caring, compassion, and what a client called my "authenticity."